Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Pro Host Cloud web hosting?

It’s so easy! Choose a plan, checkout, and your account is activated immediately.

What is Cloud Hosting?

With cloud hosting, we use multiple servers to service your account to ensure up time reliability.

How does cloud hosting differ from dedicated hosting?

With dedicated hosting, you purchase an entire server to host your website. This can be a very expensive proposition. With cloud hosting, we utilize multiple servers to ensure account reliability and uptime.

How long does it take to build me a website?

It truly depends on the type of website. But usually, it takes a week. With more complicated sites, it may take longer.

Would I be able to upgrade my package later?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan in your Pro Host plan accounts page.

What is the difference between Shared vs Cloud Hosting?

With shared hosting, one server is used to service an account. If that server goes down, so does your website. With cloud hosting, we use multiple servers to ensure your website is up and reliably working.

What is a Domain Name?

Essentially, a domain name is equivalent to a street address. It is how people find your website.

At renewal, will my price increase?

No, once you purchase a plan, your plan price is locked for LIFE!